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This blog has been replaced by my personal blog over at my website. Please update your bookmarks and feeds accordingly.

June 06, 2011

This blog will move!


I am in the process of refurbishing my website, which will allow me to host my blog as part of my own site from now on. This means that this Blogspot blog will be retired, and you will be able to find my blog from now on at its new, and permanent address. I am planning on posting more frequently again, so please check it out—I even made the effort to move all the old posts that still seemed relevant to me over there, so you won't miss anything. Please make sure to update the feed URL in your RSS reader!

Go to Flo's new blog now


Im Zuge der Erneuerung meiner Website übersiedelt mein Blog an seine neue, selbstgehostete und permanente Adresse. Der Blogspot-Blog wird damit nach einer langen Phase der Inaktivität eingestellt, ich habe aber vor an der neuen Adresse wieder öfter zu posten. Also, bitte denkt daran auch die Feed Adresse in eurem RSS Reader umzustellen!

Zu Flo's neuem Blog